What we do


So you have a fair idea of what you want but don’t have the right words to say it. The Real Article can help. Whether you’re after a brochure, a website or a 200+ page report, The Real Article will supply the words for you.

Our specialty is turning organisational and technical language into digestible, plain English language. The Real Article puts creative flair into documents to promote your services to the general public and your clients.


You may have written something already, but it's not quite hitting the spot with your clients, or is failing to get your message across. The Real Article will review what you have written and modify the materials to suit your needs and objectives. With a simple tweak you will find your publications get the response you were after.

The Real Article will proofread your work


There’s nothing worse than discovering your new, professionally designed document has a 'typo' in it. A sure-fire way to lose credibility with your audience is failing to proofread your documents.

The number one rule of proofreading is 'never proof your own work'. The Real Article can provide fresh eyes to look over your document – finding misspelt words, errant apostrophes and inconsistent line spacing.

Our process

The Real Article’s writer-in-residence, Kirsten Rose, will interview you about your company to gain an understanding of what you’re after and learn more about your organisation. After this meeting (or meetings) you will receive a detailed email confirming the task at hand and a quote for the work – incorporating writing, editing and proofreading time.

Please contact us to find to find out more.