Courtenay Orthodontics website copy
Website copy
Just why should you get braces? Copy written for Courtenay Orthodontics’ website
A blog entry written with Equinox IT
Blog entry
A blog entry written with Equinox IT
A press release written for Special Olympics New Zealand
Press release
Promoting the amazing work of Special Olympics New Zealand
A press release written for The Roxy Cinema
Press release
Promoting events at The Roxy Cinema
School of Business advertorial
Written for the University of Otago School of Business and published in the New Zealand Listener
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Profiles - feature publications
A blast from the past: The Rich List 2002
Article for Reclaiming Journal
Journal article
An article promoting Children’s Health Camps published in Reclaiming Children and Youth
Special Olympics New Zealand
The March 2014 edition of Special Olympics New Zealand’s monthly newsletter Fanletter.